Cuban Abstraction

… Abstraction. Artistic expression in which no recognizable object is represented – a current that arose in Europe through the second decade of the Twentieth Century. It unfurled two fundamental tendencies. The first one, “lyrical abstraction,” finds its basis in the plastic resources that allow it full freedom in the use of color – something that German Expressionism had already brought to light. The second one, “geometrical abstraction,” starts with the free use of shapes, as a spawn of the compositional findings brought about by Cubism.

… Kineticism. An artistic current that incorporates real or apparent movements into the work of art. It reached its greatest international diffusion between the Fifties and the Sixties. The actual motion may be achieved … read more

Lía Bermúdez – AKALIA

By Amalia Caputo

Artist Lía Bermúdez presents her second solo exhibition at Art Nouveau Gallery with twenty works reunited under the name of Akalia [loosely meaning “time” in the Wayuu language of the Guajira peninsula of northwest Venezuela], a compendium of sculptures and wall pieces that continue to underscore the identity of one of the most iconic women artists in her native Venezuela and Latin America. Her career as a sculptor has evolved within the geometric abstraction tradition and the occupation of space. In that vein, Akalia includes archetypical small- and medium-sized works representative of the formal paths she has taken with the medium since her early stages in 1950’s. Through new creations, such as Tuitui [“Hawk”] (2017), and new … read more

Rafael Barrios – virtual juggle

Magical Dimensions

By: Adrian Barros

To enter Rafael Barrios’ atelier is like penetrating a surreal world where everyday objects lose their shape, and some even their existence, and turn into something else made with the same materials but with a different destiny. It is as if Barrios’ hand transforms objects not only in their shape but also in their essence. The work of Rafael Barrios seems to contemplate the world and see it move like if it were a living being. When you look at the sculpture and then move, you will see the work move in the opposite direction since it is concave and convex. That’s what creates the sensation that “seeing is not believing”. This generates a mental … read more

Francisco Bellorin – Geometrical Contrast

Different countries have embraced Francisco Bellorín’s enthusiasm, talent, perseverance, and his need to learn and to know the secrets of painting and graphic arts. He was born in a small town in Venezuela, and after a long voyage through Europe, contrasting the province town where he had been born, he decided to definitely reside in the second main city of Venezuela: Maracaibo, a center of arts and oil production. During a first period, Caracas, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Morocco, Brussels, Mexico and Denmark defined important educational and professional stages to him. A long journey and sure steps towards mastering the mysteries of arts and inventiveness plus the learning of artistic techniques led him throughout a coherent line on his conceptual proposal, … read more

Colors in Geometry

Our Summer exhibition
Omar Carreño
Francisco Hung
Julio Le Parc
Jesus Rafael Soto
Victor Vasarely
Lolo Soldevilla
Sandu Darier
Carlos Cruz-Diez
Hector Ramirez
Lia Bermudez
Joao Galvao
Dario Perez-Flores


 … read more

Roberto Lombana – Light and movement

ROBERTO LOMBANA | Light and movement

Roberto Lombana (Bogotá 1977) presents a new body of experimental large-format pieces that function as a poetic documentation of the passage of time, using a combination of long exposure, straight photography and the body in motion. The subjects or protagonists that make these explosive large-format black and white photographs possible are dancers from the London Royal Ballet during their rehearsals at the Teatro Colon in Bogotá. The opportunity to photograph them immediately became the vehicle of his experiments in movement, by focusing on the study of time in photography. Photography is in essence, the process of drawing through the use of light, the visual representation of a spatial-temporal fraction on a stable emulsified surface. … read more

Ventoso – Viseceral Geometry

VENTOSO Visceral Geometry

The Ventoso collective, comprised of Abel, Héctor and Jorge, exhibits in this its second solo show at the gallery, a collection of reliefs and sculptures that synthetize what their work has been during the decade they have collaborated as a team. Abel, an architect, along with Héctor and Jorge, engineers by profession, artists by vocation, think of every piece they work on as a challenge, developing tri dimensional dynamic reliefs that have become, over time, more and more sculptural. Visceral Geometry comprises fifteen unique piece, in which every work deals with pattern manipulations, shapes and materials that explore their interest in optics and geometry, as well as issues of expressive forces, imaginary cities, urbanism and future spaces.… read more

João Carlos Galvão – Reflections

João Carlos Galvão

From Reason to Intuition.

In Reflections, his first solo show in the United States, the Brazilian artist João Carlos Galvão, (Rio de Janeiro, 1941) is presenting a selection of 13 small and medium format assemblages/reliefs from his most recent production. Galvão boasts a long trajectory of more than forty years exhibiting his artwork. He began to study painting in 1951 and lived in Paris in the late 1960s. Since 2004, he has been a member of the International Madi Movement (Movement, Abstraction, Dimension, Invention), created in Argentina in 1946 by the Argentine-Hungarian Gyula Kosice, along with the Uruguayans Carmelo Arden Quinn, and Rhod Rothfuss. Galvão was included as a Madi artist, as his work … read more

Héctor Ramírez – Dynamic Sphere


The work of the Venezuelan artist Héctor Ramírez (Edo. Monagas, Venezuela, 1955), which straddles Kinetic and Op Art, is based specifically on the optical phenomenon of the virtual construction of volume, and on the perception of movement generated by the human eye as it examines the medium and large-format monochrome works. Besides his interest in physics and mathematics, the study of geometry and the interaction between the human eye and the line, the artist’s work poetically concentrates the energy of creation. Ramírez is concerned with one of the big questions of science – How did everything begin? – and he draws above all on one of the various different theories on the Big Bang, which analyzes … read more

ASTRID FITZGERALD: Emergent Symmetries



“For everything in which spirit has objectified itself

contains something that is common to the I and the Thou”.

Wilhem Dilthey


“We must trust the perfection of the creation so far as to believe that

whatever curiosity the order of things has awakened

in our minds, the order of things can satisfy.”


Among seekers, Swiss-born artist Astrid Fitzgerald belongs to the clan of those in search of “the nature of reality” with the conviction that there is a perfect order behind the chaos of appearances, and that its human understanding is possible. That´s why her artwork reflects a convergence of notions that, coming from different fields, ultimately leads us towards a perception of … read more