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Colors in Geometry


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Roberto Lombana – Light and movement

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ROBERTO LOMBANA | Light and movement Roberto Lombana (Bogotá 1977) presents a new body of experimental large-format pieces that function as a poetic documentation of the passage of time, using a combination of long exposure, straight photography and the body in motion. The subjects or protagonists that make these explosive large-format black and white photographs […]

Ventoso – Viseceral Geometry


VENTOSO Visceral Geometry The Ventoso collective, comprised of Abel, Héctor and Jorge, exhibits in this its second solo show at the gallery, a collection of reliefs and sculptures that synthetize what their work has been during the decade they have collaborated as a team. Abel, an architect, along with Héctor and Jorge, engineers by profession, […]

João Carlos Galvão – Reflections

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João Carlos GalvãoReflections. From Reason to Intuition. In Reflections, his first solo show in the United States, the Brazilian artist João Carlos Galvão, (Rio de Janeiro, 1941) is presenting a selection of 13 small and medium format assemblages/reliefs from his most recent production. Galvão boasts a long trajectory of more than forty years exhibiting his […]

Héctor Ramírez – Dynamic Sphere

esfera dinamica blanca copia

DYNAMIC SPHERE HÉCTOR RAMÍREZ The work of the Venezuelan artist Héctor Ramírez (Edo. Monagas, Venezuela, 1955), which straddles Kinetic and Op Art, is based specifically on the optical phenomenon of the virtual construction of volume, and on the perception of movement generated by the human eye as it examines the medium and large-format monochrome works. […]

ASTRID FITZGERALD: Emergent Symmetries

Fitzgeral papel1

ASTRID FITZGERALD: EMERGENT SYMMETRIES   “For everything in which spirit has objectified itself contains something that is common to the I and the Thou”. Wilhem Dilthey   “We must trust the perfection of the creation so far as to believe that whatever curiosity the order of things has awakened in our minds, the order of things […]

Milton Becerra – “Wale’kerü. Líneas de luz”

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Milton Becerra: “Wale’kerü. Líneas de luz” Milton Becerra, time traveler and explorer of vast territories, interweaves in his art forms derived from spatial-temporal sources which, being as diverse as they are distant, converge in a same revelation: they reflect the prodigious fabric of the universe. Thus, he bridges the gap between America’s past and the […]

Lía Bermúdez


To think about Lía Bermúdez is to think about art. Her secret branches draw a life completely dedicated to two passions: her work and her family. Each thread in her sensitive spirit weaves fabrics of hidden mysteries that decode abstract languages in the sculpture that has kept her busy for various decades. The beloved Lake […]

Summer Collective

Tuuma (piedra preciosa)

Artists Participant Rogelio PoleselloJulio Le ParcRoberto LombanaJoao GalvaoRafael BarriosMaria Cristina CarbonellAstrid FitzgeraldMilton BecerraAbel VentosoFrancios Morelett

Art Lab – Arturo Quintero

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Never Ending Geomerty Arturo Quintero anchors the foundations of his work in Geometry as a source for a beginning. Thus, he provides the first visual synthesis of the universe and defines the primary characters of its structure: Geometry as a mother tongue and an original alphabet. Following rigorous research, he has integrated mathematical precision and […]