MILTON BECERRA en el Espacio Cultural EL Tanque de Tenerife


El artista Milton Becerra presenta su obra en el Espacio Cultural El Tanque, en Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canarias,  con una gran instalación que bajo el título de “Irradiación de la energía”, se inaugura este viernes 10 de junio.

La obra multidimensional de este artista plástico venezolano, orientada en la curiosidad y la investigación de un corte performatico, está articulada en disciplinas como la escultura, instalaciones, pintura, fotografía, textos y piezas de audio, imágenes digitales, expediciones, proyectos de viajes para la exploración.

Viajero del tiempo y de vastos territorios que entreteje en su arte formas provenientes de fuentes espacio-temporales, tan diversas como distantes  y que convergen en read more

Milton Becerra – Wale’kerü. Líneas de luz

Milton Becerra: “Wale’kerü. Líneas de luz”

Milton Becerra, time traveler and explorer of vast territories, interweaves in his art forms derived from spatial-temporal sources which, being as diverse as they are distant, converge in a same revelation: they reflect the prodigious fabric of the universe. Thus, he bridges the gap between America’s past and the discoveries of quantic physic theories, and the first tools of prehistoric times and his geometric abstract contemporary sculptures.

If for someone like Jesús Soto, abstraction had to be “pure structure”, and seeking that purity, he brought form closer to music, Becerra takes another path: without denying the representation of the world, he seeks to reflect in his work a representational system that recalls the … read more

Never Ending Geometry by María Luz Cárdenas

_MG_7290 webArturo Quintero anchors the foundations of his work in Geometry as a source for a beginning. Thus, he provides the first visual synthesis of the universe and defines the primary characters of its structure: Geometry as a mother tongue and an original alphabet. Following rigorous research, he has integrated mathematical precision and perfect operational skills with organic quality, intuition and poetic flow. Quintero informs, deforms, fractures, constructs and deconstructs form, opening alternative spaces for a visual understanding of our surroundings. His plastic field of action is subject to geometry but not making it a place for fixed and constant relations, but a place for infinite transformations. A tour of his work allows for understanding important starting points in experiences prior … read more

John Henry’s Monumental “Je Souhaite” found its home at the Port of Miami

Georgina Chumaceiro and Elizabeth Castillo
Art Nouveau Gallery Directors
are very please to announce that the monumental sculpture

“Je Souhaite”

by their artist John Henry
has been located at the Port of Miami

_NIK7876 copy
Collection Pérez Art Museum Miami, museum purchase with funds from the Arison Arts Foundation. Photo credit: Sid Hoeltzell


Commissioned by the Arison Arts Foundation for the Miami Art Museum, construction of Je Souhaite began in 2008. The piece was given an extremely tight time frame for completion as it was to make its debut in The Peninsula Project. In Je Souhaite John Henry has altered the design of the standard tube and slab components by tapering the forms- transforming them into blades and spears and adding … read more

John Henry – Mostly Red

American sculptor John Henry has long been recognized as the artist who can transform the simplest of forms into complex visual statements.  His monumental abstract sculptures interrupt the many locations in which they are placed, not in an intrusive way, but as an unusual kind of juxtaposition that results in a unique relationship not easily found between art and its environment.  Whether they are situated in the land or as part of a cityscape, John Henry’s angled forms challenge notions of balance and equilibrium.  Always interested in the way shapes fit together, over the years he has experimented with geometric forms ranging from the tubular to flat slabs to three-dimensional.  A formalist at heart, his concern for line, shape and … read more

Unfathomable and Mystical:

The Sculpture by Rafael Barrios

Several years ago I recall reading an art review in a formidable New York daily that pronounced – “Making sculpture can be anything an artist makes or puts in three-dimensional space.”  I have never forgotten this pretentious post-Duchampian statement, not because I agreed with it – but quite the contrary. My first response was to inquire: How far have we moved from our ability to think and feel the presence of sculpture?  Do we really believe the process and intelligence involved in making sculpture requires little more than how we place the material?  Extant rumors at the time suggested that culture was being “dumbed down” by the popular media.  But how far from art has … read more