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Paul Amundarain

Paul Amundarain One of the youngest artists in our gallery, Amundarain’s work stems from two well assented platforms in Venezuela’s artistic landscape: the tradition of abstract geometry on one side, and the reflections about the city of Caracas as a topographic landscape, on the other. His largest series of assemblages titled Urban skins and Anarchical […]

Luisa Duarte

Luisa Duarte (Venezuela) I am a Houston-based visual artist who draws inspiration from my own eclectic sources of interest and experience. Having left my native Venezuela to live in the U.S., I find that these two worlds, and a diverse blend of cultures, have shaped who I am, and have enriched my understanding of what […]

Mariana Copello

Mariana Copello (Venezuela) I am a Houston-based artist who was born and raised in Venezuela. I have a college degree in Advertising and Public Relations from University of Zulia, Maracaibo, Venezuela. I have always looked for ways to point my career towards the world of art. Back in 1998,I worked at the Museum of Contemporary […]

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